Eye Health

Your eye health matters. You use your eyes to see the world around you, and we want to make sure your sight and eye health are in their best condition.

We provide eye exams and treatments for your entire family. Come see us today.

Relief for Itchy, Dry Eyes

The sun is hot, and the air is dry here in Amarillo. That’s why so many of us experience dry eyes.

We can help. Many treatments are available to help your eyes feel more comfortable and relieve dry eye symptoms. We will work with you to find your best solution.

Many reasons beyond our climate could be contributing to your dry eyes. Come talk to our expert eye doctor and team to assess your eyes, find out what’s causing the discomfort, and get started on a treatment today.

Our Locations

Find Us in Grand

We are located in the Grand Plaza, just off South Grand Street and I-40. There is plenty of accessible parking available in the plaza lot.

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Our Address

  • 3300 I-40 E, Suite M2
  • Amarillo, TX 79103

Find Us in South Coulter

We’re conveniently located in southeast Amarillo. Find our clinic off South Coulter Street. Ample parking is available in front of our office.

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Our Address

  • 5221 South Coulter St
  • Amarillo, TX 79119
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